HP – Simulated Event 12-2015

WPO Sector, Year 214 of the Computer Deezer-U, Male infamous motivational speaker of the Complex Crane-U-IUM, Previously male angry brain in a jar Humphrey-U-SIR, Male destructive paperwork specialist Holly-U-NIN, Female recently promoted deep-infiltration specialist Crane-U delayed due to transtube pileup, cleared with prejudice by Vulture troopers. Friend Computer asks High Programmers to determine the validity … Continue reading HP – Simulated Event 12-2015


I am a PnP RPG Game Master with way too many opinions. I write pages on game design theory, game session writeups, and generally angry rants on why some traditional parts of RPG design need to be changed. My favourite game to run is PARANOIA: High Programmers. A game is the wonderful world of PARANOIA, … Continue reading About